About the Journal

Research and Change is a double blind peer reviewed journal, published twice a year and covering specific themes in an open access web-based format. The journal is published by Cappelen Damm and is a collaborative project involving Scandinavian university colleges and universities. The journal publishes articles in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish and English.

Research and Change issues calls for papers biannually but authors are also welcome to submit outside of calls. We welcome submissions that explicitly seek to elucidate the relationship between research and changes in practice. The journal publishes contributions with a critical and investigative approach to what the practice relevance of research is, should be and could be. 

Research and Change is primarily concerned with expounding the relationship between research and development, learning or change within the welfare professions. Thus, article manuscripts that examine or further qualify the importance of research for change in related areas – such as organization, working life, culture or design – are welcomed.

Articles submitted for publication may illuminate the relationship between research and change empirically, theoretically, philosophically, or in terms of methodology. Research and Change aims to publish research based on traditions of working explicitly with the idea of change (such as action research, participatory research, collaborative research, community development and co-creation); as well as qualitative and quantitative research projects that introduce new types of practice-relevant scrutiny of data, methods and theory.

The call for contributions to the first issue was sent out in spring 2017, and the first issue of Research and Change was published in May 2018.