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Research and Change calls for and publishes contributions that explicitly seek to elucidate the relationship between research and change in practice. The journal publishes contributions that take a critical and investigative approach to what the relevance of research with respect to practice is, should be and could be.

The journal aims to improve analytic tools, theories and methods that critically, and with a view to change, examine and discuss the contribution of research to innovation, learning and development through the collaborative exchange of knowledge between research and practice. This includes empirical and theoretical analyses of the actual or potential contribution of such collaboration to the possibility of more radical social, cultural, educational or societal change.

Who can publish?

Research and Change is primarily concerned with expounding the relationship between research and development, learning or change within the welfare professions. Thus, article manuscripts that examine or further qualify the importance of research for change in related areas – such as organisation, working life, culture or design – are welcomed.

Articles submitted for publication may also illuminate the relationship between research and change empirically, theoretically, philosophically, or in terms of methodology. Research and Change aims to publish research based on traditions of working explicitly with the idea of change (such as action research, participatory research, collaborative research, community development and co-creation); as well as qualitative and quantitative research projects that introduce new types of practice-relevant scrutiny of data, methods and theory.

Contact information:

Signe Kierkegaard Cain, editorial assistant: